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The new President of Housing Europe is Bent Madsen from B.L.Denmark

The General Assembly warmly thanked Cédric Van Styvendael for being a committed, ambitious & full of energy President

8 September 2020 | Published in Future of the EU & Housing

Bent was elected during Housing Europe's very first digital General Assembly that was held on September, 4th. In the next three years, you will see him addressing key policies that can make homes efficient, affordable, inclusive, integrated and financed, as well as representing the Federation at high-level events.

To memorise the moment of our President's election, we would like to share some bits and pieces of his speech which will give you food for thought and a taste of what we would aim at in the near future.

"What society do we want to live in? Welfare is no longer only measured in prosperity – welfare is how we thrive, feel and the possibilities we have to live a full life in all its potential. The big issue is inequality. I believe that housing is at the core of that issue. Whether it is inequality in energy, education, health, access to services, age, gender, employment and more. Where and how we live matters.

I believe that Housing Europe and all its members can lead the way on this new competitiveness that I think will arise even stronger in the aftermath of #COVID19. But not alone, of course. We need political will. And this is why we need to engage in strong partnerships.

This responsibility belongs to all. I hope to bring Housing Europe into the next era, where housing providers across the EU are recognised for our contribution to minimising inequalities – for individuals and for society."

After two Social Housing festivals, tens of high-level meetings and a 30-year anniversary, the Housing Europe team and the General Assembly also thanked Cédric Van Styvendael. A short 60-second video summarises his key moments during his presidency.