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Resolution for Social Housing in Europe

Brussels, 19 February 2014 | Published in Social

Mayors of already 30 big European cities state that housing, especially social housing, is a clear issue of the member states and their local authorities and they demand the current EU-legislation to be changed in line with the principle of subsidiarity.

Within the text is highlighted that:

- guaranteeing affordable housing is one of the basic requirements for the development of opportunities and talent

- the mayors are aware of the importance of socially-oriented urban development

- the mayors call the European Commission to leave the definition of social housing and the decision on the type of provision to the member states and their local and regional authorities

- the exemption of social housing from the obligation of prior notification adopted in the so called "Almunia Package" is welcomed

and that the mayors demand the cancellation of the restriction to disadvantaged citizens or socially less advantaged groups from the state aid package for services of general interest.

Finally, CECODHAS Housing Europe and the International Union of Tenants (IUT) are aknowledged as "important stakeholders" for the sector.