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Yearbook 2013

Turning Housing Into Economic Priority

Brussels, 4 March 2014 | Published in Energy, Urban, Economy, Social

Foreword by the President

We cannot deny that 2014 is a very challenging year for our continent. The European elections will offer citizens the chance to have their say and they are also going to be a milestone for more or less all policies at EU level.

This is why we have been working all year long in 2013 to be ready as an organization for the upcoming, exciting period. We, at CECODHAS Housing Europe, thanks to our member organizations, have chartered the real needs of the affordable housing sector based on the existing evidence and have also generated concrete alternative solutions. We cannot accept that there are one way options in our turbulent times.

As we have shared with the Commissioners in charge in the dawn of 2014 the housing market is closely connected with the financial and most importantly social stability in Europe. The long-term sustainable financing of our sector, a different pan-european approach regarding mortgages as well as the reform of the banking sector in a way that serves the needs of the people are therefore among our priorities. At the same time we are trying to ensure that a stable political framework regarding new construction and renovation will be guaranteed for our sector.

Heading to the ballot boxes we will keep advocating for one of the fundamental human rights like the one of the access to decent housing. Just like we have been doing over the last 25 years, since our establishment in 1988. 

Kurt Eliasson