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New report highlights solutions for Ireland's housing crisis

Our first take on the Irish commitment

Dublin, Ireland, 27 May 2024 | Published in Research, Future of the EU & Housing

The report of the Irish Housing Commission, to which Housing Europe's Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards, has been contributing for many months, has now been released. It emphasises the urgent need for a strategic reset in housing policy. The report identifies systemic failures in decision-making and risk-averse policies that have led to a severe housing deficit.

Key takeaways include the necessity of increasing the proportion of social and cost-rental housing to 20% of the national stock, ensuring a diverse and stable tenure mix. The report calls for a significant boost in housing supply through collaboration between the state and private sector, with an annual investment of €16 to €20 billion.

A dedicated Housing Delivery Oversight Executive is recommended to streamline efforts and address functional failures. Emphasising people-centric investments, the report advocates for a long-term commitment to public financing to build resilient, inclusive communities.

Remember that the 5th edition of our International Social Housing Festival will take place in Dublin on 4-6 June 2025. We will be expecting to hear from many of the key players involved in this commitment to improve the housing situation in Ireland.

Read the full report here.