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Urban Regeneration in Europe

The place of housing in integrated urban policies

Brussels, 5 May 2009 | Published in Social, Research

Proceedings of the 3rd CECODHAS Housing Europe Colloquium on "The future of social housing in the EU" Edited by Darinka Czischke

The publication “Urban regeneration in Europe: The place of housing in integrated urban policies“ addresses a third dimension of the ‘future of social housing in the EU’, namely the ‘urban’ dimension. It aims at bringing together the social and economic dimensions while focusing on their effects in concrete places.

The essays collected in this publication therefore look at how trends in markets, policies and social developments are refl ected in space. But most importantly, the aim this time was to address a number of crucial questions related to the role of social housing actors in fostering sustainable urban communities.

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The first two authors reflect on policy measures to achieve sustainable urban regeneration of deprived areas. While Nicholas Falk reviews the applicability of lessons from European case studies to the UK sustainable communities’ agenda, Karien Dekker focuses on how to turn around failed early post war neighbourhoods (suffering from physical and social problems).

The last two authors, John Flint and Gerard van Bortel, tackle the governance of social housing, more specifi cally how recent changes in the regulatory and governance framework in their respective countries (UK and the Netherlands) are impacting on the ability of social housing providers to deliver sustainable urban regeneration.