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Change of faces and restructuring ahead of new challenges

New president, revised statutes, different structure for Housing Europe

Brussels, 11 July 2014 | Published in Energy, Urban, Economy, Social, Research
In Versailles
In Versailles

At the beginning of July there were several reasons for us to move to Versailles. Alongside our partnership with Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, our Annual General Assembly sealed various significant changes to the faces and the structure of our organisation. Let us refresh your memory...

Friday, July 4th will be marked in the calendar of the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing as a day of changes at many levels. The 41 member organisations from 19 EU countries gathered together in the General Assembly in Versailles to make a series of decisions that will not only influence CECODHAS Housing Europe itself but the voice of our sector in Europe, too...

New statutes bring new name and structure

The extraordinary General Assembly agreed on the revision of the statutes of the organisation that will take effect immediately. Housing Europe is the new official name of the European Federation of Public, Coopearative and Social Housing that will be carrying out its work based on the new structure. Five (5) thematic Committees are created open to all CECODHAS members, associate members and partners:
- Economic, Finance and Internal Market Committee
- Social Affairs Committee
- Urban Committee
- Energy/ Construction/ Standardisation Committee
- European Observatory for Affordable Housing

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Türkkent: A new member organisation

Housing Europe had the chance to welcome a new member that has now been added to a total of 42 member organisations from 22 countries, 19 of which are EU member states. Türkkent is the Central Union of  Turkish Urban Cooperatives that was founded in 1988 by 14 housing co-operatives unions in Ankara, Capital of Turkey. 

Türkkent has pioneered the establishment of the National Cooperative Union of Turkey and also member of Co-operative Housing International. Members of Türkkent are unions of housing construction co-operatives from different geographic regions of Turkey. 49 housing unions became member of Türkkent since its foundation with more than 250.000 individual members which means new settlements for more than 1 million population have been built under umbrella of Türkkent.

Marc Calon is the new president of Housing Europe

Marc Calon is the new president of Housing Europe, succeeding Kurt Eliasson after two years.The chairman of Aedes, the umbrella organisation of housing corporations in the Netherlands, has a diverse background combining agricultural and political activity.

Find out more about Marc, his vision and policy priorities by reading the interview we’ve had with him a couple of hours after his official election at the helm of the organisation.

Housing in a changing world

Once the procedures were done, the European Social Housing Observatory, the Research branch of Housing Europe, held the first of one series of events under the general title “Housing in a changing world”. In this initial approach representatives from 9 member organisations presented briefly the five most important challenges the housing sector is currently facing and will also be confronted with in their near future in their countries.

You may browse through the presentations in the downloads section below. 

City of Tomorrow and the role of affordable and social housing providers

The flagship European project of Housing Europe, POWER HOUSE Europe held its second symposium in Versailles within the framework of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in partnership with Union Sociale pour l’ Habitat, one of our French member organisation. The international conference focused on urban issues that will be affecting the “City of Tomorrow” and approached the role of affordable and social housing providers within this complex context. 

Do you want to know more about the ideas that were presented and the views that were expressed? Check out the detailed conference report or re-follow the event on twitter using the hashtag #sde_housingeurope to view the live tweeting session of the day.