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The role of housing providers in tackling youth poverty

A joint study with the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research

Brussels, 29 January 2015 | Published in Research

Housing Europe joins forces with the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research is carrying on a study looking at what works in tackling poverty amongst young people who do not live in the parental home, with a focus on the role that housing providers can play.

The research will produce practice-oriented research and help identifying effective measures in preventing and alleviating youth poverty, in the UK and beyond. Housing Europe is partner in the project and we intend to use it as an opportunity to exchange good practices among our member organizations and learn from each other

The rise of unemployment and job insecurity among young people in Europe is leading them to a high risk of poverty, social exclusion and disaffection, raising the threat of a ‘lost generation’. Housing insecurity contributes to such a dramatic situation. A combination of a high level of homeownership, difficult access to mortgages and high house prices and rent levels seems to make it particularly difficult for young people to form their own households and start an independent life.

In the current context, increasing homelessness amongst young people is emerging as a cause for concern in several Member States. 

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The issue of housing for young people has clearly emerged as a key challenge for the social housing sector and our member organizations across Europe. Providers feel there’s a need to come up with innovative solutions to make sure the social housing sector can better tackle the specific problems faced by young people in finding a suitable and affordable home, guarantee the necessary housing support and enable young people to participate to the job market and society.