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Citizens-Consumers, Adequate Finance, housing in the energy grid and the EU legislation

Housing Europe responds to the EPBD Public Consultation

Brussels, 30 October 2015 | Published in Energy

Housing Europe contributes to the public consultation on the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and gets ready for 2016 legislative initiatives on energy issues.

Alongside with many of its members Housing Europe has sent a contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the Energy performance of Buildings Directive. Key element of the EU energy policy, the EPBD has had substantial impact on the retrofitting and new construction of social housing, since it sets the minimum requirements in terms of energy performance. Based on the experience of its members and the findings of the project NZEC, Housing Europe has put forward some elements that should be taken into account when the European Commission analyses the implementation of the Directive and in future intiatives in the field of energy  (see workprogramme 2016).

  1. Empowering and involving citizen-consumers and communities will be key to unlocking the full potential of every green energy transition strategy
    • Role of local partnerships with energy companies, construction sector, housing providers, tenants proposing adequate strategies
    • Improve the ability of tenants to use their homes the best way possible
  2. Adequate finance for energy efficiency: strengthen conventional and alternative ways to provide long-term low-cost capital financing for the renovation of social housing
  3. New energy market design: housing becoming part of the energy grid and Housing associations becoming energy providers; better, more effective combination/mix of RES and Energy Efficiency policies should be a priority
  4. Enabling EU legislation: make the EPBD and EED instruments to support local partnerships using cost effective measures

Housing Europe will convey those points in the discussion over the next round of international climate talks in Paris (COP21).