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Smart Cities and Communities

Making effective use of EU funding to innovate

Brussels, 15 December 2015 | Published in Energy, Economy

What are the funding opportunities within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership? Examples that show the way towards smart cities and communities.

Funding from Horizon 2020 programme

From the 2016_2017 work programme, there is the cross-cutting call 'Smart and Sustainable Cities', which aims at:

•  bringing together cities, industry and citizens to demonstrate the feasibility of developing and replicating at larger scale successful solutions for smart and sustainable cities in Europe;

•  focusing on creating urban spaces powered by secure, affordable and clean energy, with smart electro-mobility and showcasing effective, innovative nature-based solutions.

More information can be found here (from page 104)

European Innovation Partnership (launched in 2011)

It brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions.

The aim is to overcome bottlenecks impeding the changeover to smart cities, to co-fund demonstration projects and to help coordinate existing city initiatives and projects, by pooling its resources together. It has the objective to reduce high energy consumption, green-house-gas emissions, bad air quality and congestion of roads.

It ultimately looks to establish strategic partnerships between industry and European cities to develop the urban systems and infrastructures of tomorrow.

Sustainable areas and environment and integrated infrastructures and processes through energy efficiency, ICT and transport, better planning are among the areas that could be potentially interesting for the housing sector.

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