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Implementing photovoltaics using new business models

PV Financing published its first results

Brussels, 8 December 2015 | Published in Energy

As you might know, Housing Europe is involved in the PV Financing project, a European Commission-funded initiative which covers 6 European Countries and Turkey and started at the beginning of 2015. As many countries are phasing out Feed in Tariffs, PV Financing aims to ease the implementation of PV projects based on new PV business models such as self-consumption, Power Purchase Agreements and net metering.

The project seeks to help the stakeholders of six application segments: single family homes, multi-family houses, shopping centres, office buildings, educational buildings and industrial parks.

The development of these business models will be possible in a stable financial environment for investors and banks. The project seeks to understand the expectations of these key players and to reduce the risks of innovative photovoltaic projects. The project partners will design the most appropriate financing schemes through the conduction of interviews and will identify the suitable business model in each country.

PV Financing published its first results on its website, including the “Good Practices”, which describe the application of innovative business models examples across Europe. Another important outcome of the project are the national “Business Model Reports”, where the structure of the business models and specific information on the regulatory and economic environment in the application segments are described. Concerning the financial schemes, an executive summary of the “Interview Report on PV Financing Schemes” was also published.