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Housing Europe joins the Housing Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda

En route to the Pact of Amsterdam

Brussels, 9 February 2016 | Published in Urban, Future of the EU & Housing

The European Urban Agenda is a joint effort of European Commission, Member States and European Cities Networks to strengthen the recognition of the urban dimension by European and national policy actors. On February 8th the Dutch Presidency announced the participants of the 4 strategic, thematic partnerships.

Housing Europe is among the members of the Partnership on Housing along with:

Urban Areas

  • Riga (LV)
  • Scottish Cities Alliance (UK)
  • Vienna (AT)

Member States

  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • the Netherlands
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

Other participants

  • European Commission
  • Eurocities
  • European Investment Bank
  • Housing Europe
  • International Tenants Association

The objective of the Partnership is to establish affordable housing of good quality. The focus will be on public affordable housing, State aid rules and general housing policy.

All partnerships have to prepare and implement an Action Plan with concrete actions at EU, national and local level. They are the key delivery mechanism of the EU Urban Agenda.

Cooperation between the different partnerships is encouraged because the themes are interlinked.