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Brussels, 29 January 2016

The Housing Europe team in Brussels will have to learn to live without Italians around… Alice Pittini and Alessandro Cesale will be leaving the office after 8 years.

Alice is having a one-year career development break at the OECD in Paris, while Alessandro will be the new Secretary General of Eurhonet which means that he will still be a close partner.

We have asked both to share their strongest memory in the course of the years.


“I remember as part of one of my first tasks as a research assistant, in 2007, I embarked on a trip to the Baltic countries to interview ministry officials and other stakeholders, for what in the end would result in the first Housing Europe Review. 3 capitals in 2 days, travelling on my own by plane, train and bus, talking to people with years of experience in the housing field while I felt I was barely starting to know the sector… I was so worried! It turned out to be an amazing experience, thanks to the people I met there I came back with a lot of useful information and feeling energized from talking to people who were passionate about their job.

Since then I have learned a lot, and I was proud to see the Observatory recognized as a key reference on housing across Europe. But in the end what remains special about the work at Housing Europe throughout the years, is that it’s always been about dealing with great people – committed, fun, bright, knowledgeable, and ready to help!”


“Having mainly worked on EU-funded projects, I am happy to have contributed to the establishment of national Platforms thanks to the POWER HOUSE EUROPE project. This initiative provided a framework to our members in order to start a structured dialogue with national stakeholders around energy efficiency and more in general sustainability. Gladly, our knowledge-exchange work continued at pan-European level with the POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge projects and the creation of four thematic TaskForces.

My most powerful memory at Housing Europe dates back in 2008; Jeremy Rifkin was speaking at one of the events I contributed to organise…having written my degree thesis on the decarbonisation of the economy just fey years before being inspired by one of his books, it was quite exciting to see “the man himself”!”

Best wishes and un grande abbraccio, Alice and Alessandro!