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Social Housing & Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK)

Partner of Housing Europe

Kosovo, 16 June 2017 | Published in Research

Social Housing & Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK) joined Housing Europe as Partner in June 2017.

Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo NGO (hereinafter referred to as "SHPRK") is established to identify individuals or families who are in need of social housing and to assist them to acquire social accommodation. Furthermore, the SHPRK is established to provide legal assistance in social housing and property rights related matters to all those individuals and groups of people who are eligible for free legal aid.

As the first NGO in Kosovo to deal with issues of property rights and social housing, its aim is to be proactive in this direction, and position ourselves in close proximity with the citizens of Kosovo and assist them in the realization of their property rights, as well as all those persons and families who don’t have adequate housing.