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Toolkit: Affordable housing in Europe

The Housing Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda presents its first deliverable

Brussels, 11 September 2017 | Published in Urban, Social, Research

The Housing Partnership published its first deliveries on better regulation and better knowledge today as concrete steps towards the draft action plan.

In order to meet the need for more information on affordable housing solutions, the Housing Partnership identified two actions as instruments to help cities, housing providers and others to develop projects and policies:

This "toolkit for affordable housing"- developed by Housing Europe- consists of a database to be further developed both content-wise and technically. An interesting aspect for feedback in the online survey will be to identify and prioritize possible elements of governance (e.g. diversity of supply systems, tenants´ protection etc.).

The other is a guidance for policy making to enable cities (and possibly other authorities) to develop not only good housing projects, but also good housing policies. The European Responsible Housing Initiative (ERHIN) as well as the Geneva UN Charter on sustainable housing could serve as already agreed upon sets of guidelines. An idea to be shared with others is whether the categories identified as crucial for decent housing in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility and fair as well as ethical housing production could also serve as guidelines to EU funding and other financial instruments on EU-level.

Guidance on EU Regulation and Public Support for Housing

A "Guidance Paper on EU Regulation and Public Support for Housing” has been elaborated by the Partnership on the basis of an in-depth analysis and thorough screening of the situation both in old and new Member States.

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