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Brussels Team

Housing Europe established a Secretariat in Brussels in 2001 with the appointment of Claire Roumet as Secretary General. Since then the team has been steadily expanding. It is responsible for the coordination of the day-to-day running of the organization. There are 3 key strands around which the activities are developed: Policy Formulation & Advocacy | Knowledge Sharing & Networking | Research

Sorcha Edwards Secretary General

Sorcha is responsible for the institutional relations and the overall coordination of the Secretariat’s work. At the same time, Sorcha is the face of Housing Europe in Brussels and also makes the link between the Board and the rest of the organization’s structure.
+32 (0)2 541 05 68

Julien Dijol - Deputy Secretary General & Policy Coordinator

Julien coordinates the policy work of Housing Europe, monitoring all relevant political developments and drafting the position papers of the organisations. Julien coordinates the work of all Committees and makes the link between them and the day-to-day work in Brussels. Julien also represents Housing Europe in various events, delivering a wide range of presentations.
+32 (0)2 541 05 64

Alice Pittini - Research Director

Alice leads the daily work of the European Social Housing Observatory, coordinating comparative studies, thematic briefings and articles. As the go-to person for facts and figures around housing in Europe she delivers presentations in various events that try to make a reality check with what happens on the ground. Alice also works closely with the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Observatory.
+32 (0)2 541 05 66

Michalis Goudis - Communications Director

Michalis is responsible for the external and the internal communications of Housing Europe. You will see him updating the website and the social media channels, drafting press releases and Op-Eds, responding to journalists’ queries, curating the organisation’s publications and preparing the bi-weekly Housing Europe Newsletter. Michalis also coordinates the work around the bi-annual International Social Housing Festival.
+32 (0)2 541 05 61

Edit Lakatos - Policy Officer

Edit is part of the policy team, focusing especially in European Funding. She is monitoring all sources of EU financial means that can support the public, cooperative and social housing sector and is responsible for all relevant publications and the respective online portal. Edit is also involved in a number of Housing Europe partnerships, including SDG Watch Europe.
+32 (0)2 541 05 62

Abderrahim Khairi - Membership & Events Officer, Migration & Integration Policy Assistant

Abderrahim is responsible for the expansion of the Housing Europe network of members, while he deals with the events organised by the Federation. At the same time, he is feeding into the work related to migration and integration policy.


Sébastien Garnier - Innovation and Project Manager 

Sébastien has been working for almost ten years in the social and affordable housing sector. First as advisor in the Financial and Public Affairs departments of Aedes - the Dutch federation of social housing providers and its 300 members. He was later responsible for managing the European affairs for the Brussels office of Aedes during six years. During three years he was chair of the Social Affairs working committee of Housing Europe. He has been actively involved in the Housing Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda and the International Social Housing Festival. Besides his part-time function at Housing Europe, Sébastien also provides advisory services as managing director of AxHA.


Mariel Whelan - Research & Communications Assistant

Mariel Whelan recently joined Housing Europe as a research assistant trainee. She is a graduate of National University of Ireland, Galway, where she wrote her thesis on the Right to Housing in Ireland. Mariel is passionate about women’s rights and housing rights, and over the course of the year will be working on a series of briefings focussing on contemporary housing issues.