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10 minutes with Anders Nordstrand, CEO of SABO, Sweden

Meet the faces behind housing providers across Europe

Stockholm, 27 February 2018 | Social, Urban, Economy, Energy
Anders Nordstrand, CEO of SABO in Sweden
Anders Nordstrand, CEO of SABO in Sweden

Every month we introduce you to one of the people leading the work of our member organisations. In this edition, we land in Stockholm to meet Anders Nordstrand, the new CEO of SABO. Anders took over from Kurt Eliasson in 2016 the lead in the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies. He provides with insights concerning the perception of housing in Sweden and shares some thoughts about the current challenges. Plus, as usual, he unveils his way of balancing life with work.



  • I would describe SABO in 10 words as a key player for a sustainable and inclusive housing market.
  • Our key objective is to ensure that everyone can find a home at a reasonable price.
  • Apart from housing provision, our mission is sustainable development. We are active in all what this might entail, such as integration, climate change and financing. 
  • We joined Housing Europe because we need to join forces with our European counterparts with regard to legislative proposals, but also to inspire and to be inspired by the good practices that are carried out in Europe.

In Sweden

  • Housing is considered to be in Sweden incredibly important for the individual, along with employment.
  • Our key partners in Sweden are the Swedish union of tenants, the Swedish Property Federation, Riksbyggen, HSB, the Swedish association of local authorities, the Swedish Confederation of enterprises and the Swedish association of contractors. 
  • Our main housing policy priority at the moment is to adapt the housing needs of a rapidly changing population as a result of a booming economy, urbanization, increasing amount of elderly and migration.
  • The major challenge for Sweden today is a shortage of housing, even though we are building more than ever. In addition, integration and the consequences of climate change are considered major challenges.

In Person

  • I start my working day waking up early and browsing through the latest news. After that, I hope to I take the 55-minute walk to work and my daily goal is 10,000 steps. Once in the office, I enjoy a cup of coffee as I check my schedule with my assistant Gunilla, I go through e-mails and prepare for upcoming meetings with my colleagues. I want to be updated on the latest news, so I always have a quick word with Josefin, who is SABOs Press Officer.
  • After leaving the office I walk home if I hadn't taken that walk in the morning. In spring, I head out to the summer house in the archipelago – this is where I recharge my batteries and enjoy the peace and quiet and my wife and I prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible. It's important to me not to take work with me home.
  • Currently, I am reading  work-related documents and reports, mostly. Generally, I like a good crime novel and I enjoy biographies.
  • I tend to listen to Swedish vocal artists and the band Bo kaspers orkester, but I also listen a lot to Bruce Springsten and Pink.
  • I move around on foot.
  • I prefer having nothing on my table as I come home from work there are no work documents on my table.


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