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Italy | Welfare on the road

ACER Reggio Emilia gets closer to tenants

Reggio Emilia, 27 March 2020 | Covid-19

In this moment of general adversity, due to the limitations imposed by the Coronavirus emergency measures, the Social Consortium Care Expert and Acer Reggio Emilia have activated a project called "Welfare on the road", a free proximity service that carries out tutoring and assistance to the inhabitants of the main public housing districts of the city. ACER Reggio Emilia President, Marco Corradi, former Board Member of Housing Europe, has shared the basic elements of the project with us.

The service is characterized by the presence of a camper van, set up as a mobile office that will provide assistance and support to people directly inside the public residential housing districts, alleviating the sense of solitude and isolation and supporting them in carrying out daily activities.

At the mobile station it will be possible to pay postal slips, have groceries and medicine delivered at home in the afternoon, receive official information material about covid-19 and related decrees.

The same can also be done using a dedicated telephone number with delivery on the next day, not only inside the district where the camper van operates, but also in support of all the tenants living in social housing managed by ACER.

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