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The Coronavirus Housing Crisis

A Housing Europe podcast with Professor Manuel Aalbers

Brussels, 6 April 2020 | Covid-19

Making a house a home’, the Housing Europe podcast is changing a bit its format to adapt to the new housing reality as the Coronavirus pandemic has major, short-term and long-term effects on the housing sector, on tenants’ and residents’ everyday life, on the way public, cooperative and social housing providers have to work, on our economies and on the cohesion of our communities. What is being done to address this multilayered crisis? What needs to be done in the near and distant future at local, national and EU level? We will be addressing these questions as well as many more over a series of short podcasts with one special guest each time.

In this episode, we discuss with KU Leuven Professor Manuel Aalbers, coordinator of the Real Estate/Financial Complex research project the ‘Coronavirus Housing Crisis’, as he described it in his recent article on Tribune Magazine with the same title. Professor Aalbers stresses that the latest recession may not have been caused by housing but it will play a big role in how it unfolds – from tenants facing eviction to bursting debt bubbles and falling house prices. We had a Skype Call with Manuel Aalbers to talk about the characteristics of this housing crisis and eventual ways out of it…

Listen to the podcast here

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