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Belgium | Flemish solidarity for social tenants

VVH's social housing companies organise solidarity campaigns to support tenants

Brussels , 17 April 2020 | Covid-19

The Association of Flemish Housing Companies (VVH) launched an appeal to social housing companies (SHMs) in Flanders. VVH collected the actions taken to support social tenants and the responses were various. VVH shared these among their members in order to exchange and connect. "Social housing is about so much more than just a cheap rental price, but also about health, education, social fabric, etc.," says Björn Mallants, director of VVH. "In these circumstances, we prove that more than ever."

The social housing sector is essential in these circumstances.  If you have to stay in 'your room', a good and affordable room is obviously the foundation to get through this situation. VVH's stresses a commitment to maintain contact despite the difficult circumstances. Keeping an eye on the personal and human dimension is even more crucial now, to make sure no one is left behind. 

Read more about the compaign and its actions here 

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