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The Greens: Housing rights before market interests, for a socially just recovery

Spot on 7 measures that can deliver more affordable housing

26 October 2020 | Social, Economy, The future of the EU & Housing

Kim van Sparrentak, a Dutch MEP from the Greens is the rapporteur of the European Parliament initiative report on “Decent and Affordable Housing for All” and very much engaged in the topics concerning the public, cooperative and social housing sector. She has listed 7 measures to make the shift at European level.

The report outlines proposals to tackle the housing crisis in Europe and sets out several concrete policy and legislative measures Europe should take to transform the situation and ensure that housing is decent, affordable, and accessible for all. 

1. Set a European goal of eradicating homelessness by 2030
2. Fight evictions and create inclusive housing markets
3. Increase Europe’s affordable housing stock
4. Devise an integrated European strategy on housing 
5. Prioritise the European Green Deal
6. Adapt European rules for digital platforms
7. Combat housing discrimination

Housing Europe follows closely the development of the report and supports the proposed socio-economic measures that clearly have the potential to improve the life of communities.

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