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Shape the Affordable Housing Initiative

EP 3 with Wonen Limburg in Netherland

8 February 2021 | Social, Economy, The future of the EU & Housing

The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) - part of the EU Renovation Wave - that will pilot 100 lighthouse renovation districts focuses on creating quality, liveable, affordable homes for people and will mobilise cross-sectoral project partnerships. The initiative is still a blank page, let’s shape it together.

This third episode features the voice of the Dutch Wonen Limburg and its Director, Wim Hazeu. Wim is also the Chair of Housing Europe's Energy and Construction Committee. Watch the video and read along.

Housing Europe: What is your vision of the Affordable Housing Initiative?

Wim Hazeu: All projects should be in district levels and also be in participation with tenants.

Housing Europe: What features should the projects supported by the Affordable Housing Initiative have?

Wim Hazeu: I think it is not possible to have projects that will include all aspects of the energy transition. It would be better to have 5 groups of 20 projects which are about circularity, renewable energy, insulation, upscaling, industrialization and also climate adaptation. 

Housing Europe: What process would you like to see?

Wim Hazeu: According to the 5 specialities, it is a good idea to make five different calls. Let’s keep it simple. 

Housing Europe: How should the initiative be financed?

Wim Hazeu: It should be funded at ETS revenues and the innovation funds. Although, there will be a participation of the project lead itself, but the European innovation fund should be the accelerator.

Housing Europe: How should the initiative be governed?

Wim Hazeu: It is important to have enough final assessment of included projects that should be done by the committee that consist of presenters from the social housing sectors, the European Commission, the tenants organizations and also the renovation industry as they are all the key players in the Affordable Housing Initiative.

What is your vision for the Affordable Housing Initiative? Join the series powered by Housing Europe, the Federation for public, cooperative and social housing providers in Europe, and its initiative - #OurHomesOurDeal. Contact us. 

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