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Advancing the work in Plus Energy Neighbourhoods with social housing

An innovative demo site in the Netherlands is a month away from welcoming tenants

Den Bosch, the Netherlands, 25 March 2022 | Energy, The future of the EU & Housing

One of the four Plus Energy Neighbourhood demos of our EU-funded project syn.ikia is near Den Bosch in the Netherlands and so far, this is the most advanced as future social housing tenants will be able to move in already in May 2022.

At the end of March, Housing Europe's Innovation and Project Officer, Clara Mafé and Communications Junior Officer, Andreea Nacu visited the state-of-the-art demo site which will have technologies, such as radiant floor heating or ground source heat pumps. Our colleagues also met two future tenants, young and highly motivated, they passed the selection process organised by the housing provider, Area Wonen. Naomi and Thomas will be part of the community building process by providing support to tenants with special needs.

Naomi (25 years): "For me, it doesn’t depend on where I live to invest in my neighbours, so I liked the idea. And I hope it will be as fun as I thought it will be because most of the tenants are my age, so it makes it better and more interesting to see that more people of my age are invested in this kind of ideas, both for the environment but also for the community."

Thomas (23 years): "When I read that the whole thing is to have more and closer contact to your neighbour it reminded me of when I lived in a bigger city. I didn’t know anyone, also I had just gotten a new job. Just building up any social contact, given it was Corona times as well, it was difficult because no one really seems interested in talking to you."

Housing Europe interviewed the social housing providers developing Plus Energy Neighbourhoods, to see how they will handle the balance between affordability and environmental responsibility. Stay tuned for this. In the meantime, have a read at the press release here.

Stay up to date with the developments by following the syn.ikia website.

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