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Two years of developing circular deep renovation solutions - what do we know?

Barcelona, Spain, 18 March 2022 | Urban, The future of the EU & Housing

The experience of working on the EU-funded Drive 0 project for over two years, shows that it is not enough to just focus on technical innovation if we truly want a circular transformation of the construction sector. To achieve ‘circular ecosystem innovation’, innovations at several levels are needed and those most often are very interdependent.

During the two-day meeting of Drive 0 partners in mid-March, in Barcelona, the supply side - industries and universities - and the demand side - represented by the circular renovation and construction market - worked together to map and analyse the innovation potential of the circular products, processes, and business models developed.  The price of raw materials and high taxation on labour; lack of clarity on necessary warrantied and liabilities; further building of trust in performance of materials; the lack of enough standards and certifications of circularity are only some of the challenges and barriers to further market uptake of circular, industrialised, modular renovation solutions. These challenges apply to architects, homeowners, and social housing providers, the latter represented by Housing Europe.

The meeting took place at the Verdtical showroom where one of the Drive 0 circular solutions is being tested - a PV integrated green wall for vacant façades, and is from where we are sharing with you this amazing picture.

A more detailed brief with the outcomes of the meeting will follow.

Read more about the Drive 0 project.

Call for circular housing projects

Housing Europe is working with partners from all over Europe to develop a mentoring platform for housing providers who would like help and advice on how they can make their buildings more circular. This applies equally to new buildings and the renovation of circular buildings. If you are aware of any current or upcoming circular housing projects, then please contact our Research Coordinator, Dara Turnbull for more information.

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