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Milano 2035 and Carbonia 3

A great example for which you would be able to hear more during Housing Europe's annual conference on June, 16th

Italy, 28 April 2022 | The future of the EU & Housing

Milano 2035 - Youth Housing Coalition was founded to increase the Milanese metropolitan area’s capacity for housing solutions tailored to the needs of young people, increasing the number of 18-35 year-olds who can move to Milan or who, already resident there, can live independently of their families. It is a network comprising 30 public and private entities: associations, foundations, cooperatives, businesses, and local institutions. Sara Travaglini from DAR=CASA explains how the work is taking shape in practice.

The project supports the right to housing at affordable prices for students and workers under 35, offering a new way of living based on sharing and solidarity between neighbours.

Milano 2035 encourages synergies between the youth residences already present, supports practitioners wishing to work on new projects and promotes places for developing and exchanging ideas between young people, practitioners and institutions. The network offers young people opportunities for active citizenship, with a view to promoting individual growth, the development of relationships and skills, while acquiring habits and lifestyles in solidarity and collaboration.

Milano 2035 has been supported by the Cariplo Foundation’s Welfare in Action programme and is sponsored by the Lombardy Region and Municipality of Milan.

The network comprises 22 housing projects, divided into individual residences/buildings or spread over wider areas, for a total of some 300 beds. The formulas put forward vary: youth cohousing, residences that house young people and those with frailties, private accommodation in intergenerational shared housing, apartments in public housing. All the accommodation is designed and reserved for young people aged between 18 and 35 years, with flexible contractual formulas and affordable costs, and are based on sharing and solidarity between neighbours. 

Carbonia 3, conoscersi da vicini is one of this housing project, realised by DAR=CASA housing cooperative.

The cooperative won in 2019 a call from the Municipality of Milan for the management of temporary housing services, with the aim of responding to housing emergencies. For this project the Municipality of Milan has made available the building in Via Carbonia 3, in Quarto Oggiaro district. 

The building in Via Carbonia 3 consists in 48 apartments located on three floors and overlooking a gallery and an internal courtyard. In the center of the court, there is a common space that hosts the porter’s lodge and a room for social project’s activities.

The project provides for a social and housing mix: thirty-two houses are dedicated to families in emergency housing and aimed at giving a temporary response to families who come from eviction situations; sixteen houses are dedicated to young people.

The project asks young people to get involved in the relationship with neighbors and the neighborhood, working for the promotion of activities of sociality and solidarity. A social team follows the young inhabitants in this challenge.

DAR = CASA is in charge of all management functions (property, facility and community management).

Young people can apply to the project individually or with a partner. The apartments, fully furnished, cost less than 500 euro for month and the rate includes all the services. The maximum stay time is 18 months.

Three of the sixteen apartments are dedicated to six “care leavers”, in partnership with Comunità Progetto Social Cooperative that follows their accompanyng path.

In this two years of activity, young people involved in Carbonia 3 promoted different activities: creative workshops, cineforum, a small library, dinners and parties, with particular attention to children’s recreation needs.

To enhance the development of the activities of the common space, DAR promoted a new project founded by Fondazione di Comunità Milano. This project aims to involve neighborhood inhabitants and associations in support of residents to create a program of initiatives and a manegement model of the common space, through a training and engagement of local community path.

In Carbonia 3 young people can find not only an affordable house but also a new way of living based on sharing and solidarity between neighbours.

Get to know more about this project by DAR=CASA during Housing Europe's annual conference, "What if... we imagined Next Generation housing with the youth? Green, connected, inclusive 21st-century homes" which will take place on June, 16th in Helsinki (Finland) during the International Social Housing Festival. We will zoom in on forward-looking policy solutions supporting the youth, hear from social and affordable housing providers who are already addressing the challenge with innovation, and give the floor to youth advocacy organisations to speak out clearly what their needs are.

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