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Our year in hashtags

A stroll around our Twitter timeline

Brussels, 16 December 2014 | Social, Urban, Economy, Energy

Some of our 2014 highlights from the twittershere.



The European Elections (#EP2014) have been the most important milestone of the year for the Brussels political scene. Housing Europe presented in April its own manifesto. We have identified 9 paths to better homes for a better Europe and we have initiated an open discussion both with institutional and other partners and we have shared our vision for housing for the next five years which is based on 3 main pillars:

1. Greater well-being for Europeans

2. Long-term social investment

3. Responsible housing market


In the summertime we teamed up with Solar Decathlon Europe that took place in Versailles. In a series of events and meetings over three days we have identified the key challenges for cities and affordable housing providers towards a fair energy transition while we were introduced to some of the most innovative projects of our time that have competed for our award.

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Social Innovation in the housing sector goes hand in hand with a responsible approach. Since the launch of the European Responsible Housing Initiative a.k.a. the ERHIN Project it has been made clear that the CSR principles indeed change the way housing is provided across Europe. An international conference that was hosted by Housing Europe, the International Union of Tenants (IUT) and by Delphis in Brussels in October was turned into a dynamic platform of exchanges of ideas around the idea of responsible housing.

The European Declaration and the Code of Conduct are the key outcomes of the projects, two documents to every housing organisation in Europe to sign. At the same time the European Responsible Housing Awards offered an overview of the numerous best practices that pave the way at local level with respect to the CSR values.


Housing has been in the core of the financial crisis since its very beginning. The real estate bubble burst affecting the lives of millions of people across the globe. After six years of mainly failed political initiatives and measures to stabilize the situation, Housing Europe teamed up with "Finance Watch" and invited all major stakeholders and decision makers on November 5th to Brussels for an international conference.

The event aimed to explore the paths that may lead the housing finance from the bubble effect to resilience. For more than 8 hours politicians, academics, representatives from all major EU Institutions as well as from various housing associations from across the EU and all other relevant interest groups exchanged views on the issue of housing finance. 

Read an overview of the exchange and check out our latest publication presenting key terms, figures and ways forward regarding housing finance.

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