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InvestEU & the Economy of Well-being

Making the most of local know-how

Brussels, 4 December 2019Save the date

Alfred Sant, Member of the European Parliament and the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure investment wish to invite you to the upcoming European Parliament Seminar on “InvestEU & the Economy of Well-being: making the most of local know-how”, taking place on the 4th December 2019 in the European Parliament (Room ASP 3H1), Brussels from 14:30 - 16:30.

The Steering Board for Social Infrastructure Investment brings together the main representatives of the social services, health, education, social and affordable housing and ageing sectors at European level. Together, we represent thousands of both public and private organisations providing services which enable millions of people in Europe to access their human and social rights, to live healthier, to be empowered and to live in dignity, as well as the largest European network of organisations of and for older persons.

Many of these services require investment to help deliver more and better services across the continent. InvestEU thus comes as an opportunity to boost both public and private investment into quality social projects. Whilst the general orientation of the proposed InvestEU program is a significant improvement on the European Fund for Strategic Investments, more work is needed to ensure the InvestEU’s framework meets the real investment demand from organisations on-the-ground, active in the social field. In other words, it is crucial to raise awareness, boost the capacity of the social, health, education and housing sectors to develop investable propositions and to clarify how this can function at local level.

This Joint Event, which is part of the Lifelong Learning Week 2019, will bring together policy-makers, public & private investors and the social sectors to discuss concrete plans for ensuring there is sufficient support for the development and financing of quality local social projects via InvestEU.

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Alfred Sant, MEP and Host
  • Jose Manuel Fernandes, MEP and Rapporteur on the InvestEU programme 2021-2027
  • Helmut Von Glasenapp, Secretary General of the European Long-Term Investors association
  • Caroline Costongs, Director at Eurohealthnet
  • Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General at Housing Europe
  • Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General of the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities

Other speakers will include representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, Public Investors and from the Social sector.