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Climate change, environmental and health impacts on housing affordability

#Housing2030 | Online | 10th November 2020

Online, 10 November 2020Save the date

Housing 2030 is a joint international initiative of housing experts from over 56 governments through UNECE, UN Habitat and 43,000 affordable housing providers and neighbourhood developers represented by Housing Europe. It aims to improve the capacity of national and local governments to formulate policies that improve housing affordability and sustainability.

in association with Glasgow City Council

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09:00-09:30 | Welcome addresses

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader, Glasgow City Council

Doris Andoni, Chair, UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management

Bent Madsen, President of Housing Europe

Christophe Lalande, Housing Lead Specialist - Land, Housing and Shelter Section, UN-Habitat

09:30-09:40 | Update on the #Housing2030 study

Julie LawsonLead Author and Content Coordinator of the #Housing2030 report

09:40-10:00 | The policy toolkit: An overview of policy options to deliver affordable, high-quality and environmentally sound housing

Holger Wallbaum, Professor of Sustainable building at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

10:00-10:45 | Panel Q&A Session

Moderated by David Orr, #Housing2030 Co-Chair

The speakers on this panel have participated in our podcast series, providing their views on the theme of ‘Climate change, environmental and health impacts on housing affordability’.

You are encouraged to listen to the shows ahead of the webinar, as this session will be a Q&A only. 

Martin van Rijn, Chairperson of Aedes – The Dutch Federation of Housing Corporations

Brian Evans, City Urbanist for Glasgow and Professor at the Glasgow School of Art

Holger Wallbaum, Professor of Sustainable building at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

10:45-11:00 | Digital Coffee Break

11:00-11:15 | Keynote address by Frans Timmermans – Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the EU Green Deal

11:15-11:55 | “How can we make the necessary environmental sustainability and liveability upgrades to housing stocks without increasing costs for low- and moderate-income households?”

Moderated by Elena Szolgayova, #Housing2030 Co-Chair

Björn Mallants, VVH – The Association of Flemish Housing Companies

Anu Sarnet, EKYL – The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Andoni Hidalgo, Opengela – Basque one-stop-shop for neighbourhood level renovation

Peter GergelySlovakian Ministry of Transport & Construction

Monica Scatasta, Council of Europe Development Bank

11:55-12:00 | Summary of the day’s discussions

Elena Szolgayova, #Housing2030 Co-Chair

David Orr, #Housing2030 Co-Chair

As part of the initiative, a series of events have been foreseen in the course of this and next year.

Follow this section for the latest updates, as well as the website of the initiative: