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Gebalis (member)

Management of the Public Housing of the Municipality of Lisbon

Created in 1995, Gebalis is a municipally-owned enterprise of local development that manages Lisbon's public housing and provides jobs to more than 220 people. Our colleagues in Portugal joined Housing Europe in September 2020.

61 175 residents

3 261 buildings

66 quarters

1 078 commercial areas

91 500 square meters of parking lots

Gebalis (Gestão do Arrendamento da Habitação Municipal de Lisboa) focuses on social development and integration of people, as well as on environmental education, patrimonial conservation and residents' professional integration. Our member has 11 local offices and their headquarter is based in Lisbon.

A major task of Gebalis is to rehabilitate and maintain the existing public housing units, mitigate segregation and community development. Back in 2010, the publicly-owned enterprise created the LIFE Programme to address the lack of housing oriented to the needs of people with reduced mobility. It created a new class of dwellings called Dwellings for Universal Use.