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Municipally owned company with public liability

Back in 1998, the Portuguese Municipality of Matosinhos in the district of Porto with 175,000 inhabitants unanimously approved the proposal for the creation of the municipal housing company, MatosinhosHabit.

The company is responsible for the management and allocation of social housing in Matosinhos and aware that the allocation of housing does not end the municipality's field of action and responsibility.

Today, MatosinhosHabit is not limited to managing the housing heritage of the Municipality of Matosinhos and guaranteeing the mandatory equity in access to social housing by those who need it most. The company also develops projects in the areas of urban rehabilitation, as well as in the development of new social responses in the area of ​​housing and in local social intervention.

MatosinhosHabit intends to provide decent housing for all residents, aiming at a “Humanization of Housing” by participating and developing a set of projects in addition to the management of Housing Complexes.