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Co-operative Housing Ireland

Co-operative Housing Ireland (former NABCO) was formed in 1973 by representatives of co-operative housing societies and is serving the Co-operative Housing Movement in Ireland. The Association’s membership comprises not-for-profit, local and district/area co-operative housing societies providing both rental and ownership housing for their members.

Co-operative Housing Ireland actively promotes the development and expansion of co-operative housing in Ireland as a means to improve housing options and solutions, provide decent and affordable homes for those with limited or modest incomes and to contribute towards the building of better communities economically, socially and environmentally.

Services provided by Co-operative Housing Ireland include information and training about the formation and management of housing co-operatives, legal registration, insurances, policies and procedures for good governance of co-operatives. The association has also acts as a development agency, with affiliated co-operative housing societies, for site acquisition and the design and financing of new projects.