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Vlaamse Huisvestingsmaatschappijen

VVH is the Representative umbrella organisation of the Flemish social housing companies (88 out of 90 are full member, representing 99.5 % of rental dwellings).

It has three main tasks

  1. VVH is a member-organisation: it exists for and by its members. They organise exchange of knowledge, training, model documents etc.
  2. VVH protects the interest of its members, through networking and lobbying and represents the social housing sector as member of the Vlaamse Woonraad (Flemish Housing Council) and the SARO (Flemish Spatial Planning Council), as president of het Vlaamse Overlegplatform Sociaal Wonen (Femisch Social Housingplatform), as member of the Beoordelingscommissie (Planning Committee Sociale Housing). VVH also represents its members in Paritair Comité 339 (social dialogue committee 339 for social housing with representatives from the employees - unions - and the employers - VVH for Flanders which can make CAO's - binding collective work-agreements).
  3. VVH focuses on communication about social housing in Flanders both internally and externally.

  • Total number of managed dwelling units by VVH members: 150.000
  • Rental dwellings constructed in 2015: 2.661
  • Owner occupied dwellings constructed in 2015: 825
  • Apartments and houses refurbished between 2010-2014: 20.297 
  • Investment in construction and renovation in 2015: > 1 billion €