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Housing the EU Youth

A Research Briefing by the Housing Europe Observatory

Brussels, 6 March 2018 | Published in Social, Research

Housing Europe Observatory, the Research Branch of Housing Europe inaugurates a series of research briefings under the title 'Housing in the post-2020 EU' focusing on the ways public, cooperative and social housing providers address the key societal challenges of our times.

For young people, just as for the population as a whole, the cost and quality of housing is key to living standards and well-being, an element of social inclusion. Affordable housing is important for population mobility, especially for young people, who need to change jobs often and migrate to search for best employment or education opportunity. At the same time, a generational gap is starting to emerge with an increasing share of young people either facing huge challenges in securing adequate housing or living in their parents' home. Are social and affordable housing providers fit for purpose when it comes to housing a diverse young population? What kind of innovation is required for the sector?

We have put together the main housing challenges for young people across Europe, we have identified concrete case studies that can inspire work on the ground and we have compiled a set of recommendations for policy and action.