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SABO takes the 'Climate Initiative'

Swedish public housing companies to be fossil-free by 2030

Stockholm, 5 December 2018 | Published in Energy, Social

On the 27th of November 2018, SABO launched the “Climate Initiative”, a joint call for their members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is that the public housing companies should be fossil-free by 2030 and that energy consumption should be reduced by 30 percent.

The Climate Initiative is a campaign for public housing aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions through ambitious goals, cooperation and active exchange of experience. By working together and inspiring each other the housing companies can make truly make have an impact on mitigating climate change. So far, the initiative has been signed by 67 member companies whom together account for roughly 300 000 dwellings. Many more are likely to follow in the coming months.

Carbon accounting

In order to follow up on these ambitious climate goals SABO has set up a new carbon accounting tool, based on the GHG protocol, which covers all major emissions from the public housing companies. “This tool will really make carbon accounting a lot easier for our members” says Karl Törnmarck, Head of International Affairs and Sustainability at SABO"Once you know where in your value chain you have your emissions, reducing them will naturally become a lot easier.” 

3 Focus areas

In addition to the targets above, SABO will also be working together with their members in three specific areas:

  • Peak-load hours and renewable energy
  • Low carbon procurements
  • Climate friendly living (focus on the tenant’s emissions)

“These three areas all have a massive impact on the emissions from the public housing sectors” says Therese Rydstedt, Energy Projects Leader at SABO“But they are not in the main part of our value chain so they are harder to control. Broadening the scope and working with material suppliers, tenants and the energy companies is a must in order for us to achieve our ambitious climate goals.”