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Making the case for housing as part of social investment

Takeaways from the Re-Invest project

Brussels, 8 April 2019 | Published in Economy

Alice Pittini of Housing Europe Observatory participated as discussant to the final conference of the Re-Invest project which took place in Leuven on 28-29 of March. The research project, which received Horizon 2020 funding, aims to contribute to a more solidary and inclusive EU, through an inclusive, powerful and effective social investment strategy at EU level.

Moreover, the project itself adopts a participative approach that gives voice to vulnerable groups and civil society organisations.

The project produced a number of interesting reports. Among them, we highlight 'Towards inclusive service delivery through social investment in the EU: the case of housing'.

Starting from the theoretical concepts capabilities, human rights and social investment, the paper applies the concept of capacitating service to housing, highlighting so-called ‘non-shelter benefits’ that arise from housing subsidies that impact on wellbeing, that impact on wellbeing, in all kinds of areas, such as in health, education, employment, social relationships. it then analyses recent policy developments in relation to housing in Belgium, England and Scotland (in Great Britain), Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and the Netherlands.

A longer and more in-depth analysis of housing policy is available of Ireland and the Netherlands.