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The future of Smart Energy Homes in 32 Words

A Housing Europe HEART Glossary

Brussels, 29 April 2019 | Published in Energy

A glossary of terms to learn about smart energy homes and integrated renovation toolkits.

The evolutions in integrated deep retrofit modules are moving fast. New technologies are being developed that can result in important cost, time and quality benefits for housing providers.The Horizon 2020 HEART project is one of those promising ventures that is currently developing a multifunctional retrofit toolkit. This one-stop-shop solution will include different components like BEMS, HVAC, BIPV, MIMO and ET’s that are optimally being fine-tuned – at the design and operation stages. The heart of... HEART is a cloud-based computing platform that includes DSS and energy management features that help housing providers design and manage the new generation of smart energy buildings.

If any of the above-mentioned terms raised your eyebrows, then read on... This glossary of terms is intended to help you understand some important technical terms in the dynamic field of deep retrofit technologies used currently in the EU. After all, no real innovation may leave its own users, the people, behind.