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User-journeys towards deep renovations

First Triple A-reno Roadshow stops in Lyon

Lyon, 12 June 2019 | Published in Energy
Time for Heroes! Introducing the Triple-A Reno Roadshow

The International Social Housing Festival in Lyon provided a perfect landing spot for the first stop of the Roadshow of the Triple A-reno project. The event, organized by HOUSING EUROPE on June 5, informed participants about the aims of the project.

During the event valuable inputs were gathered that will feed into the gamified platform that is being developed in the project. This roadshow stop focused on the aim of fostering new people-centred models and decision support tools to increase the acceptance of deep renovations among residents.

The participants (housing federations, housing providers, building professionals and consultants) learned from Simona d’Oca, HUYGEN ENGINEERS AND ADVICE, about the way gamification methods are being used in the Triple A-reno, which is in its first year.

Dan Podjed, Assistant Professor for Cultural and Social Anthropology, UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA, then explained the power of storyboards and user journeys as a social approach to involve and activate residents. 

The importance of people-centred approaches was stressed by Aura Hernandez, Social Psychologist at PSYKOLAB -  specialized designing product and service based on psychological needs – showed how social psychology serves as a new tool for social housing providers to help with energy efficient and retrofit acceptance.

The second part, provided an opportunity for the professionals present during the roadshow to play themselves with the story-telling approach. The Housing Europe staff animated this workshop session and gathered various stories about deep renovation challenges, local heroes and awards.

Groups of participants were asked to use the story-telling canvas and imagine heroes, special powers and journeys. These stories from the workshop provide new content for the Triple A-reno gamification platform that will help people on their way towards deep renovation journeys.