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People at the heart of Smart Homes

A Housing Europe HEART Project webinar

Brussels, 21 June 2019 | Published in Energy, Social
People at the heart of Smart Homes | A Housing Europe HEART Project webinar

People at the heart of Smart Homes - how to enjoy the benefits and prevent the pitfalls? This was the central question that the first webinar of Housing Europe within the framework of the Horizon 2020 HEART project, aimed to address.

How can we ensure that people, the main target of audience, are not actually in the end the ones who are left behind?

Dr. Claudio Del Pero, Senior Researcher at Politecnico Di Milano, Department of Architecture, Built Environment & Construction Engineering shared the ways in which the Horizon 2020 HEART Project is contributing to this end.

Dr. Max Craglia, Lead Scientist at the European Commission Joint Research Centre gave an overview of the relevant priorities in the 2030 strategy of the JRC including energy and digital transformation (DT). The science and knowledge service of the Commission studies the impact of key technologies including Aritficial Intelligence (AI)- see for instance their flagship report.

Stefano Zanini, User EXperience Research Leader at AssistDigital explained what is actually User Experience (UX) and made the case why it is so important, offering an analysis of the customer journey. Stefano gave a number of examples illustrating the so called 'smart trends'.

The webinar concluded with a lively debate that generated even some partnership opportunities, so make sure you watch till the end...

The event was moderated by Housing Europe Innovation and Project Manager, Sebastien Garnier.