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Partner of Housing Europe

Lyon, 7 June 2019

UrbaMonde joined Housing Europe as Partner in June 2019.

Cities are produced “by and for the people” through a process called the Social Production of Habitat, led by organized communities alongside private and public actors. Bottom-up and community-led city-making requires, however, strengthening the inhabitants in their role of urban designers, developers and builders.

UrbaMonde's mission is to support and empower groups of inhabitants engaged in transforming their neighbourhoods to make them more sustainable and inclusive, and in collaborating with local governments. UrbaMonde is an NGO, based in Switzerland and France, is integrated by a passionate team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, who share a vision of a sustainable city “by and for the people”.

UrbaMonde supports:
• Locally, housing cooperatives and other groups of organized inhabitants'= to support the implementation of community-led housing projects, and to design enabling public policies.
• Internationally, strengthening groups of vulnerable inhabitants with their housing projects, enhancing the collaboration with public actors.
• Transversally, facilitating the Platform for the Social Production of Habitat that enables peer-to-peer exchanges and strengthens solidarity between groups of inhabitants and their “support actors”.