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MATRYCS - our new EU-funded project that looks at big data & high-tech

The Horizon 2020 project was launched in October 2020 and will continue until September 2023

30 October 2020 | Published in Energy, Future of the EU & Housing

MATRYCS or Modular Big Data Applications for Holistic Energy Services in Buildings is a project that brings together 18 partners from 10 European countries aiming to provide a holistic open solution for decision-making and data analytics solution for energy-efficient buildings. Housing Europe will work on capitalising on the project results and on the demonstrator outcomes and best practices identified so as to design European, national or regional policies.

Some of the activities Housing Europe in this data-driven project revolve around Large Scale Pilots in various location in Europe.

Together with other partners, such as COOPERNICO (Portugal), City of GDYNIA (Poland), ICLEI (EU & Germany), EREN (Spain) ASM TERNI (Italy) and LEIF (Latvia), Housing Europe will support policymaking and policy impact assessment, especially regarding the EU Policy Recommendations for Building Data. What is more, the team will work on an engagement plan and organise workshops that will replicate the MATRYCS Modular Toolbox. 

MATRYCS' insights should deliver new services and business models based on the operational stage of buildings aimed at monitoring and improving their energy performance. Predictive capabilities related to comfort evaluation, energy demand, consumption or generation, will be complemented by optimisation for the management of comfort-aware building energy consumption, management of district heating networks or energy matching.

The new data analysis will also come into help when advising on possible improvement in the use of energy, the buildings' performance and how this helps to tackle energy poverty.


Follow how the project is setting up by following it on the official website