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BBC StoryWorks to produce series on social and affordable housing for Housing Europe

Project launches with a call for inspirational stories from across Europe

Brussels, 27 November 2020 | Published in Energy, Urban, Economy, Social, Future of the EU & Housing, Housing Systems in Transition

BBC StoryWorks, the creative arm of BBC Global News, is to produce a series of mini-documentary style films on housing. Each episode will highlight a case study from the public, cooperative and social housing sector, showing what the future of housing could look like if innovative and progressive solutions become the norm.

The series will explore solutions making social and affordable housing more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. It will showcase progress and leadership towards inclusivity, affordability, modernity and community, challenging misconceptions and inspiring further engagement.
Films will show how solutions work and how they benefit both residents and wider society while being open about limitations, challenges and the potential for scalability of such projects – all vital components to a well-rounded narrative on housing in Europe.
Members of the Housing Europe network have the opportunity to propose stories and take part in the series.  Those selected to participate will work together with the BBC StoryWorks teams to shape a creative treatment and ensure their work is captured in a compelling and visually engaging way.
Costs will vary depending on the filming locations, production logistics and timelines. BBC Global News has secured internal resources to support the research, creative development, promotion, media, distribution and evaluation of the series. The production costs of the short documentaries will be paid by the organisation and it is not linked to the annual budget of Housing Europe. The Brussels team is available for making the connection with the BBC team to discuss further details.
We hope this is not only an exciting opportunity for you to profile important initiatives from your organisation, but also for the sector across Europe as a whole, demonstrating how we can ensure decent housing for all.
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