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How can climate-friendly and affordable housing walk hand in hand?

10 November 2020 | Published in Energy, Economy, Social

The second digital conference of the #Housing2030 initiative led by Housing Europe, UNECE and UN-Habitat gathered some of the bright minds from the housing sector, the policy and academic world around a key challenge - the need to improve the climate and energy performance of our homes in a way that does not put an unsustainable financial burden on low- and middle-income households.

We invite you to go through the recording of the event that will show you a handful of successful best practices from Flanders in Belgium, Estonia, the Basque Country, the Slovak government and the Council of Europe Development Bank. One of the researchers behind the #Housing2030 toolkit, Professor Holder Wallbaum makes an overview of how regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives, financial incentives, raising awareness and tenants engagement deliver affordable, high-quality and environmentally sound housing. "For the green transition in buildings, we need an orchestra to create a powerful symphony, not just a string quartet playing some nice tunes," Professor Wallbaum said.

The Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the EU Green Deal, Frans Timmermans delivered a video keynote speech, stressing how essential it is for the transition to be fair and the importance of tackling all obstacles along all stages of renovation - the scale in the scope of measures, financial support and geographical breadth of the Renovation Wave.