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Why the European Pillar of Social Rights should be a guiding principle of EU policies?

10 December 2020 | Published in Economy, Social

To mark Human Rights Day, on 10th December, Housing Europe and FEANTSA brought together some of the key actors in housing policies and the fight against homelessness to discuss what should be considered to adequately implement Principle 19 of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

MEP Kim van Sparrentak from the Greens stressed that she would expect from the Commission to look at the main principles of the Pillar, to secure the right to housing and the social impact of EU policies. Dominique Bé, from the European Commission's DG EMPL, highlighted the great importance of prevention of homelessness. As a metaphor, he said: "Homelessness is the fever of society - you can take some medication but you need to go deeper as it will come back." In conclusion, Housing Europe's Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards listed some of the key priorities for public, cooperative and social housing providers - to support the supply of social, affordable housing to meet housing needs, to reinforce tenants' rights with the help of regulation and to provide adequate support. 

We invite you to hear what other speakers had to say by looking at the recording of the webinar. Listen to the exchange of ideas between the Presidents of FEANTSA and Housing Europe.