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Housing Europe becomes an official partner and jury of the New European Bauhaus initiative

Vote for social and affordable housing projects until 18th June, 23:59 CET

14 June 2021 | Published in Energy, Urban, Social, Future of the EU & Housing

Public, cooperative and social housing providers in Europe are now officially represented by Housing Europe as partners of the initiative of the European Commission, the New European Bauhaus that was launched with the aim to build and create neighbourhoods that are inclusive, sustainable and beautiful. See a list of inspirational examples from the sector that are now competing for a New European Bauhaus prizes. You can make them a winner.

Together with Housing Europe, our French member L'Union Sociale pour l'Habitat (USH), German Member GdW, and the Italian National Committee for Social Housing that involves Legacoop Abitanti, FEDERCASA and Fondazione Housing Sociale, our network has explicitly committed to support the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Making Europe's neighbourhoods truly inclusive, greener, and aesthetic is the core mission of the sector. While we have been showcasing the work of social and affordable housing providers through a number of partnerships with the United Nations, with organisations fighting homelessness or during the editions of the International Social Housing Festival, the time for successful projects to shine on a bigger stage has come.

As a partner, Housing Europe will be gathering a diversity of professionals from across disciplines to generate ideas and identifying inspirational projects, practices or concepts.

We will start with our annual conference on 16th June 'New European Bauhaus #BuildingCommunities' which will focus on how we can renew and revive neighbourhoods, shaping them in a way that they provide a quality way of living to all generations. We will have on board social and affordable housing providers from different corners of Europe, city mayors from Spain, Finland, France and a representative of the New European Bauhaus high-level roundtable to discuss how could the New Bauhaus help cities to become more inclusive and sustainable. The event will kick off our two-day online Social Housing Film Festival, make sure that you join.

The Awards - time to vote

In the meantime, the European Commission has opened the online voting to more than 20 000 New European Bauhaus newsletter subscribers registered by 31 May.

If you are one of them, you will receive instructions on voting for your favourite entries.

When to vote?
You can vote until 18 June 23:59:59 at the latest. 
Friendly advice: don’t leave it to the last minute!
How to vote?
Visit the platform

To be able to validate your vote, you have to select your preferred entry in, at least, 3 categories of the New European Bauhaus Awards and 3 categories of the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars.
You can, of course, vote for projects in more categories if you wish so.

See inspiring examples from the public, cooperative and social housing sector that now count on your vote.

Techniques, materials and processes for construction and design category

  • Construction of 18 abordable housing by USH, France
  • "Bikes and Rails", a housing project by GbV, Austria
  • Low Carbon refurbishment of 1000 Housing by Est Métropole Habitat, USH, France
  • Energiesprong: Net Zero Energy retrofit by USH, France
  • SPATIUM by USH, France
  • ASTRE by USH, France
  • Metropole Evolution House by USH, France
  • Poissy offsite vertical extension by USH, France

 Building in a spirit of circularity category

  • La Borda by Cooperative Housing Barcelona, Spain
  • Social (housing) circularity Amsterdam, Alliantie, the Netherlands
  • CIRERERS by Cooperative Housing Barcelona, Spain
  • The Caserne de Reuilly by USH, France
  • La Fabrique du Clos by USH, France
  • L'Annexe by USH, France

Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions category

  • Adaptable by AVS, Spain
  • Emergency housing in empty building 
  • APROP Ciutat Vella by AVS, Spain
  • Home4Less by Brussels city​

Regenerated urban and rural areas category

  • The Aalborg model by B.L., Denmark
  • Milan – housing for unaccompanied migrants – beyond the threshold
  • The Community Land Trust Model by Community Land Trust
  • A Healthy, Affordable Renovation Concept by Le Foyer Anderlechtois, a social housing company in Brussels, Belgium
  • Garden City of Stains by USH, France

Preserved and transformed cultural heritage

  • Winston Churchill : Résidence Renewal by USH, France
  • Richelieu : From the church to inclusive housing by USH, France
  • COSMOPOLE by USH, France

Reinvented places to meet and share

  • La cours des arts by USH, France

Mobilisation of culture, arts and communities 

  • La Ferme des lumières by USH, France
  • Bringing culture to the heart of social by USH, France

After the public vote, the three most voted projects per category in each strand will be assessed by a jury composed of the official Partners of the New European Bauhaus.

Following a week of public voting, a jury composed of Housing Europe and other official partners of the initiative will evaluate the three shortlisted entries per category. The prizes will be then awarded by the evaluation Committee of the Commission.

We will know the winners after the summer, at the during the Prize ceremony that the European Commission will organise to celebrate and honour them. Stay tuned!