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A newly-launched online space aims at boosting Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods in Europe

The EU-funded project, syn.ikia has set up a SPEN Community forum that brings experts together

online, 23 June 2021 | Published in Energy, Urban

The COVID-19 crisis has brought sharper focus on our buildings, our neighbourhoods and their importance for our lives. The challenge is how we boost access to affordable housing while at the same time reducing emissions. The Horizon 2020 project, syn.ikia of which Housing Europe is part of, believes that public, cooperative and social housing providers together with relevant experts and policymakers can collaborate together to overcome the bottlenecks in front of Positive and Zero Energy Districts development.

Sustainability and resilience against climate change require of the mobilisation of a wide range of stakeholders, resources and ideas.

The EU-funded project syn.ikia is contributing to this cause through their work in developing four demonstration sustainable neighbourhoods with surplus renewable energy, resilient and affordable living places and communities in different contexts, climates and markets in Europe by 2024.

Partnerships allow us to deliver more effective responses to common challenges.

The SPEN Community is an online meeting space designed to connect, inspire and create synergies between a wide range of stakeholders involved in the development of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods. 

What is in the SPEN Community for public, cooperative and social housing providers?

  • One-click access to a knowledge base of existing neighbourhood practices.
  • One-stop-shop for ideas and inspiration.
  • A platform to market or share your products and services. 
  • A safe space for users and citizens to express their wishes, needs and concerns on Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods.
  • Long-lasting exchange and continuous knowledge transfer with other syn.ikia stakeholders.
  • A safe space to express & share struggles and tips with people working on similar projects.
  • Find new synergies with other stakeholders and start brand new collaborations.   
  • A sounding board to validate your projects and ideas

But it’s not about us, it is about you. What would you like to get from the SPEN Community? 

We believe that the SPEN Community could bring an added value to name of social and affordable housing providers' work.

We hope to have you on board.

You can join the community now.

The SPEN Community is led by Housing Europe, for more information, reach out to our Junior Project Officer, Clara Mafé.