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A new season of powerful stories about #BuildingCommunities

Watch the latest episodes by BBC StoryWorks about the sector

28 September 2021

The successful launch of the #BuildingCommunities series during Housing Europe's Social Housing Film Festival in June 2021 has left many waiting for new inspiring stories from the sector. This September, BBC StoryWorks, the creative branch of BBC, comes back with more real-life inspiring features from Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Germany and North Macedonia.

#BuildingCommunities | Sweden’s housing that champions working women

At Botkyrkabyggen, an affordable housing company in Sweden, the aim is simple: welcome everyone. Supporting working women, celebrating diversity and providing opportunities for independence, it is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for all.

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#BuildingCommunities | The city quarters connecting communities

From planning to practice, Swiss housing contractor Steiner AG is determined to create environmentally-aware communities. By employing energy efficient building techniques and limiting the number of cars in the communal areas, Mehr als Wohnen is designed to connect people and protect the environment.

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#BuildingCommunities | Refurbishing and repairing North Macedonia’s apartments

With the end of state-funded maintenance and management for properties in modern-day North Macedonia, many homeowners are faced with high costs for living. However, Habitat for Humanity has been working with the tenants and homeowners to refurbish the existing buildings with a view to improve the buildings as well as the lives of the people that live there.

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#BuildingCommunities | Rent that goes back into the community

Finding suitable and affordable housing quickly is not always easy. Here’s how Denmark’s Social Housing Federation, BL, is helping their residents to reinvest in their futures by making renting an accessible and sustainable option.

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#BuildingCommunities | Stimulating social development in Helsingborg

During the 1960s and 1970s the Swedish city of Helsingborg was developed quickly in response to a housing shortage. In order to build community spirit and a sense of security, housing company Helsingborgshem worked with the city planners to prioritise safety, society, and sustainability.

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#BuildingCommunities | A home to reimagine the future

The community at Luoghi Comuni live in social housing funded by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. Here tenants thrive on sharing spaces and discovering new opportunities. Fondazione is not just providing secure and affordable short-term accommodation, but also supporting residents as they plan for the future.

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#BuildingCommunities | The growing city within Brussels

From renewing run-down industrial buildings into bustling communities to investing in spaces that aim to encourage new businesses, this partnership between and SLRB is all about regeneration for the future. Bringing life back to these community spaces is the goal for this collaboration focused on a circular economy, sustainability, and achieving a sense of belonging for the gathering tenants.

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#BuildingCommunities | Social housing to unite communities

Representing thousands of individuals across social housing, Danish non-profit housing association DAB helps to bring together communities and develop tenant democracy by listening to their residents and celebrating common interests. Whether it’s teaching beekeeping through the generations or sharing sewing expertise across languages, the tenants themselves are in control of their futures and their community relationships.

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#BuildingCommunities | Building for Finland's urban families

European cities can offer exciting opportunities, yet many of the living spaces on offer are unaffordable and unsuitable for young families. Introducing A-Kruunu, a social housing company dedicated to creating family-friendly city homes. From providing much-needed storage space to soundproofing the flats, discover how A-Kruunu is placing families in the forefront of their designs.

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