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New episodes of the inspiring stories about #BuildingCommunities

Watch the latest episodes by BBC StoryWorks about the sector

13 April 2022

The #BuildingCommunities series was successfully launched during Housing Europe's Social Housing Film Festival in June 2021. These new episodes produced by BBC StoryWorks, the creative branch of BBC, illustrate incredible stories on affordable housing, from all over Europe.

#BuildingCommunities series | Building with the planet in mind

Faced with the urgent needs of climate change, the team at one of Berlin’s municipal housing companies – HOWOGE - recognised their obligation to protect the environment. By embracing technology, the housing company has managed to significantly reduce the carbon emissions traditionally created with construction. Explore the varied technological elements HOWOGE has employed in its aim to build for the future.

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#BuildingCommunities series | The membership scheme helping Norway’s first-time buyers

Bonord, a cooperative housing association in northern Norway, is trying to provide opportunities for young people to gain a place on the housing ladder. Through a membership scheme, which aims to be inclusive and accessible, here’s how Bonord is helping first-time buyers take control of their housing futures.

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#BuildingCommunities series | Providing more than just a home

How do you invest in communities effectively? UK housing association Clarion and RITTERWALD, a consultancy firm, have come up with an innovative way to help housing associations to aim for a more sustainable future - both environmentally and for their tenants. By combining their expertise and focusing on meaningful investment, this collaboration is all about putting people and planet first.

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#BuildingCommunities series | Joining the housing market with stability

The goal for OBOS, the biggest housing co-operative in Norway, has always been to provide members with a place to live. To keep up with rising housing prices, this company has come up with two new purchasing initiatives, allowing participants to take a real step towards buying their own home.

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#BuildingCommunities series | The urban village prioritising accessibility and culture

Here in this urban village set in the old harbour of Hamburg, the diversity of the residents' requirements range from cultural to physical. HafenCity wants to welcome all: from offering accessible, barrier-free living spaces to providing a place for people to collaborate and create music, see how this housing project is determined to go much further than providing just a home.

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#BuildingCommunities series | The Swedish communities making sustainability a reality

Welcome to Xplorion, the community with more sustainable living as the ultimate goal. By installing eco-friendly energy alternatives such as solar panels and an innovative water re-use system, along with a shared electric car and bike network - the people behind municipal housing association Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB are helping to make living sustainably the easy option.

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#BuildingCommunities series | Connecting neighbours who don’t like asking for help

When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, it hit communities hard. But with the help of Nabohjelp, an online platform developed by Norway’s biggest housing co-operative OBOS, people can lend a helping hand to those in need - revitalising neighbourhood spirit and connecting people at the same time as promoting a circular economy.

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#BuildingCommunities series | The housing project with integration at its heart

Hallschlag was unrecognisable after the shattering impacts of WW2. The destruction produced a knock-on effect for returning residents, with affordable housing being increasingly difficult to find. Yet with the help of SWSG, a municipal housing company in Stuttgart, people have been able not just to remain, but thrive in this innovative community created after desolation.

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#BuildingCommunities series | The café helping residents create connections

Originally created in 1948 in response to the refugee crisis affecting individuals from former Germanic areas in Eastern Europe, housing cooperative FLÜWO has been providing support for its residents for many years. But how do they keep this welcoming attitude alive for residents today? With a community café designed with the importance of neighbourhood strength in mind.

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#BuildingCommunities series | Smart technology that brings people together

Can smart technology really promote community spirit? From enabling a mother’s group in Milan to funding a beauty salon in Brazil, Planet Smart City is helping residents to support each other as well as providing a home.

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