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Every project counts in achieving a fair energy transition

Have a look at the three newly started projects that use the approach of renovation

23 December 2022 | Published in Energy

As part of our Housing Europe strategy to expand the sector's knowledge of innovative techniques, during the month of November, we have officially started the work on three new EU-funded projects. As much as these projects focus on information and technique progress, they will also complement the day-to-day activity of Housing Europe and its members.

SUPERSHINE started in mid-November in Rome with the ambition to implement innovative renovation of social and affordable housing in three demonstrator lighthouse districts in Italy, Denmark, and Latvia as well providing blueprints for follow-up districts. These are among the first lighthouse districts receiving EU funding as part of the EU Affordable Housing Initiative that will be supported by the European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU. Particular attention will be paid to the renovation of social housing, to help households who struggle to pay their energy bills.

In addition, the project will also contribute to the decrease of energy poverty. The SUPERSHINE lighthouse districts will be characterised by energy-efficient buildings, low-carbon mobility, smart grids, and efficient water and waste management, all underpinned by responsive technologies that optimise resources while promoting well-being and sustainable lifestyles. Housing Europe is partnering together with some of its members (of members) including BL (Denmark) ATER Trieste (Italy) and Zaragoza Vivienda (Spain), drawing also on the work carried out by the ‘sister’ project SUPER-I.

BuildUPspeed wants to accelerate the volume and depth of deep renovation of the EU building stock, supporting the EU Renovation Wave, by introducing and implementing a Market Activation Platform, specifically for the promotion and implementation of industrialized renovation solutions. BuildUPspeed builds upon and capitalizes the results and outcomes from relevant and related Horizon projects on deep renovation, specifically projects and actions on prefabrication, BIM adaption for renovation, and industry 4.0. Moreover, BuildUPspeed will build upon the legacy, the approach and the results of several chapters of the ‘Energiesprong’ approach. Housing Europe will support business modelling and further market uptake of BuildUPspeed tools and services via the adoption of a large variety of distribution channels. Domofrance Logement Social based in Bordeaux and Instituto Valenciano de la Edificacion are the representation of the sector within the project.

And finally, the Life Giga Regio Factory project is based on the need for a change of scale in order to be able to target 10% of the market by 2030 and 1 million homes renovated to a guaranteed zero-energy level in an industrialised way in Europe. The project will develop an open-source tool for the qualification of housing in order to better qualify them and developing smarter aggregation strategy to launch large-scale collective industrial retrofits at zero-energy level. It will also coach companies that integrate and assemble industrial solutions to enable them to develop 100% industrialised offers. Within the project, we will work closely with EST metropole habitat and the Association des Organismes HLM Auvergne Rhone Alpes.

Follow those three journeys over the next few years and contact our colleagues in case you have any questions.

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