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New record for a number of submitted events for the International Social Housing Festival

What follows next?

Spain/Brussels, 1 February 2023 | Published in Future of the EU & Housing

In this first round, the local host of the International Social Housing Festival, Barcelona City Council has received 170 event proposals which marks an official record. Housing Europe could not be more grateful that the social and affordable housing community not only sticks together but also keeps on expanding within Europe and beyond.

Organisations from 28 countries have come up with a variety of ideas for conferences, workshops, stands, exhibitions, and art performances that tackle how well-established and emerging housing systems with small or large housing stock need to tackle big challenges. 

The social value of affordable housing, adapting housing to the changing climate, better investment in housing systems, tackling the financialisation of housing, net-zero housing and urban regeneration, erradicating homelessness, rent regulation and the social function of housing, housing an ageing population and youth are some of the topics that have been put forward.

What follows next?

This Friday, our colleagues from Barcelona City Council will be in the Housing Europe Centre in Brussels, and together with previous and future Festival hosts, we will identify potential for synergies between organisations and cross-cutting themes.

A second form, to be released in February 2023, will allow selected partners to submit more detailed information about their event which will then be visible on the Festival website and programme.

Book your trip early

On the website of the Festival, you can now find multiple options for your travel and accommodation in Barcelona.

The city is well-connected by train with other major cities in Europe and as the financialisation of housing will be high on the ISHF agenda, we also strongly encourage sustainable accommodation options that do no harm to cities and locals.

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