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Wanted: the Affordable Housing Initiative Consortium is in search of experts in district renovation and housing providers who are looking for support

Respond to the call until March 10, 2023

Brussels, 24 February 2023 | Published in Energy, Urban, Social, Future of the EU & Housing

The Affordable Housing Initiative support programme is now up-and-running, offering you to take a special part in it. Experts with solid experience in successful district renovations will be renumerated to offer a piece of advice, and organisations planning next-generation affordable neighbourhoods can receive help at no cost. This is a win-win call for both sides. Submit your confirmation of interest by March, 10th.


Would you like to contribute to the Renovation Wave in the social or affordable housing sector? Help local actors improve their renovation projects and watch new lighthouse projects emerge? Share your insights on the most effective approaches in a wide range of fields related to district renovation, such as district heating, co-creation methodologies, or energy communities? 

What would you do?

The European Affordable Housing Consortium* invites experts to register for its pool of experts. From this database we will choose the most fitting candidate for the following activities:

  • Mentor SMEs, public authorities, or social and affordable housing providers who are planning or already implementing renovation projects at the district level. The mentorship peer-to-peer support should be underpinned by the expert’s own experience in a renovation project.
  • Present their renovation project, approach and impact. Presentations will occur on-site at one of the Consortium events in 2023, and online, at our webinar series programmed for 2023 as well. 

The criteria

  • You must have concluded a renovation project at the district level, with a meaningful role, such as contractor, project leader, builder, service or technology provider, and architect. Other roles can be considered.
  • You have verified expertise in planning and management, social innovation, technological or technical advancements related to new construction or renovation of affordable or social districts. 
  • You are a legal resident in an EU country or the following countries: Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova.
  • You are proficient in English, other European Union languages will be considered in specific cases.
  • You are flexible to travel to at least of one the following cities -  Barcelona (on 7-9th June 2023), Paris (20-22nd June 2023), Vienna (18-19th June 2023), and Brussels in February 2024.
  • Last but not least, you are available to present online their project and approach (at least once).

Our offer

  • The European Affordable Housing Consortium is offering 450€ per day for the mentorship work or each project presentation.

The application

Any questions or issues about the call can be addressed to Housing Europe's Innovation and Project Manager, João Gonçalves


Would you like to know how to develop effective renovations at a neighbourhood level or to go further in terms of technological or social innovations while still keeping the costs down? Do you know how to involve the residents with great results and buy-in?

The Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) call for organisations interested in receiving support in planning next-generation affordable neighbourhoods is now open and you can benefit from a full programme of events and tailored support that fit your needs:

  1. Access to our pool of experts, available to help and mentor you in the planning or in implementation phase of district renovation. These carefully selected experts have successfully completed an outstanding project themselves, so they have the practical know-how to help you achieve your goals.
  2. An opportunity to pitch your project to a team of investors at our Paris Summit (June 20-22nd, 2023). You will receive advice on the right funding or sponsorship relevant for your project or if your funding / financial model needs adjustment.
  3. Participating in study visits to success stories of neighbourhood renovation and meeting the experts behind the scenes (throughout 2023).
  4. Improving your financial literacy in everything related to renovation through our online webinars (throughout 2023).
  5. Receiving online training on innovative approaches for neighbourhood level renovation, to help you with project planning, and social innovation, and go the extra mile in terms of new technologies (throughout 2023).
  6. Participating in our ‘Tech Camp’, in Barcelona (June 7-9th, 2023) to get to know the latest technologies in key areas of the energy transition, such as circular approaches, district heating, renewables, nature-based architecture, etc.
  7. Participating in our ‘Bootcamp’ in Vienna (18-19th September, 2023), where our experts will share their experiences and insights from completed renovations.

Only municipalities, public, social, or cooperative housing owners and/or providers or a small or medium size companies are eligible to receive the support. Applicants must also be resident or have an office in one of the countries of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova.

Applications must be submitted through the appropriate online form, which is available at by March 10th, 2023.

Support is provided at no cost, as this is a European Commission-funded project.

Any questions or issues about the call can be addressed to João Gonçalves


**The European Affordable Housing Consortium (SHape-EU) is the point of reference for a socially inclusive Renovation Wave and New European Bauhaus. Together with communities and experts on the ground, 10 dedicated partners are shaping the envisaged by the EU Affordable Housing Initiative by creating blueprints for a just energy transition with affordability and liveability at their heart. The project is co-funded by the Single Market Programme of the European Commission.