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How can households relying on limited incomes move around the city freely in a sustainable way?

A new Housing Europe project will aim at reducing car ownership, car dependency and the demand for parking

Bremen, Germany, 16 February 2023 | Published in Urban

While the Housing Europe network has been piloting ideas in energy efficiency, renovation, energy poverty alleviation, circularity, and innovative financing for many years, we are now adding to our portfolio also the big topic of shared and sustainable mobility.

Our Innovation and Project Officer, Clara Mafé spent a couple of days in Bremen, Germany to get ready for the years of work ahead on the SHARE-North Squared project funded by the EU.

The project will be looking at shared mobility alternatives in cities and housing developments as a tool to reduce car ownership and bring public space back to society. Housing Europe's members of members in the project are GEWOBA operating in Germany and Woonpunt Mechelen from the Flemish region of Belgium.

Coupled with public transport, shared mobility strategies in social housing can also be a great way to tackle urban segregation and guarantee access to jobs and services for the most vulnerable.

We will be updating you about how the project is advancing on Housing Europe's communication channels.

Visit the official website of the project.